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BIG Thompson Fall Photo Essay

By: Evan J. Stafford
Photographer: Richard Koshak





There ain't much better than getting the Big Thompson in the fall with your bros. Period.

Nick Wigston, JJ Hannah and I got her at nearly 500cfs and she was ferocious. Another night we brought Richard Koshak with us and he took some seriously sweet photos as the evening light filled the narrow canyon. We got damn lucky. She's been runnin' for a week straight and she's still flowin' strong. Somethin' about calibrating the diversions downstream. Got to get her while you can. Most of these photos are Richard's. You can find Richard @

I took the other pics during the high water event, including the first one at the top of this page of Nick in the "Garbage Disposal." Sicko.

Beautiful fall day on the Big T: photo Richard Koshak

'bout to gat dat boof biatch: photo R. Koshak

Boof!: photo R. Koshak

It feels so good sometimes...this was one of those times.

Nick W. droppin' in at 500cfs: photo EJ Stafford

Mike Holmes in the Garbage D: photo R. Koshak

Yeaaaahhh Boyyyy!: photo R. Koshak

Pete comin' up droolin' after cleaning the Garbage Disposal.

Mike with a nice inbetween boof: photo R. Koshak

Evan right above the second "big" drop: photo R. Koshak

Charging it: photo R. Koshak

Lil' Pete charging the secong "big" drop.

Petey after biggie #2: photo R. Koshak

Gettin' down: photo R. Koshak

Mike about to get down in big drop numero dos.

Peelin' out: photo R. Koshak

Mike peeling out after Patrick above the last "big" drop.

Lil' Pete feelin' out numero tres: photo R. Koshak

JJ Hannah in #3 at 500cfs: photo Evan J

Nick Wigston in biggie 3 at 500cfs: photo Evan J

Beautiful end to a fall evening on the BIG T: photo R. Koshak

What a perefect September gift for the Front Range die hard contingent. Gotta to get it while you can.

To check out a full description of this run on the Upper BIG T CLICK HERE