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River: Colorado Grade: Playspot
Section: South Canyon Author: Leif Embertson
Put In: South Canyon exit on I-70 Photographer: Leif Embertson
Take Out: South Canyon exit on I-70 Nearby Town: Glenwood Springs

South Canyon, Playspot

By: Leif Embertson
Photographer: Leif Embertson

Now I’m no playboater, those who know me well can vouch for that. My true passion is running the shit with my boys, but after much cajoling by a certain member of the crew I headed over to the South Canyon Wave on the Colorado River outside of Glenwood Springs for a weekend of surf and bumper boats in the loading eddy.

Adrian Mathew Glasenap getting his groove on.

The ideal level for South Canyon has somewhat changed over the years with the new style of boats, but my take from talking with the locals is that it’s somewhere between 3200-4200 cfs with 3600-3700cfs being ideal. Additionally most seasons the wave has a pretty short window. This year it probably was in for 7-10 days. I was told any new and old wave type move is possible on South Canyon, not that I can do much more than spin and try to throw a blunt. If you do head over be prepared for some long lines and be sure to bring your good attitude, as no one likes to wait, but everyone has to deal. To get there drive west from Glenwood Springs on I-70 a few miles and get off at the South Canyon exit. Look upstream of the bridge and park on river left.

Guska donkey flip: courtesy of

So now that the goods are spilled stop surfing the buzz and posting ridiculous replies and actually get out there and boat. If you can’t do that here are some pictures to enjoy while killing time from your nine to fiver.

Who says the EZ is outdated?

Learn to playboat fool…and check out that wash load.

Glenwood local Greg getting’er done

Dan Wooly back to his roots

Nichole Marciliac figuring it out.

Take that sucka.